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Mission that leads us through all these years was to emphasize human beauty with timeless, unique, and elegant jewelry designs.

46 years of tradition

Every story has a beginning. Ours started 46 years ago, when Princess Jewellery was founded, with love and dedication for jewelry production and the creation of everlasting beauty. The mission that leads us through all these years, is to elevate and enhance natural beauty with timeless, unique, and elegant jewelry designs, that will connect you to the most precious moments and people in your life. Our dream has always been to inspire creativity and create excellence while maintaining quality and celebrating uniqueness. Besides our beautiful handcrafted jewelry, we are always trying to make your experience flawless. As your desires and tastes evolve, we continue to search for new ways to enrich and enhance your shopping experience. As of 2010, we have opened our doors to the limitless world of online jewelry, making it easier to expand your jewelry collection with a click of a button. Since then, Princess Jewellery jewelry has been traveling worldwide bringing joy and luxury right to your door.


Our jewelry is made of ethically sourced precious metals and enriched with precious stones. All Princess Jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity, and our most exclusive items with an international certificate for precious stones such as GIA, IGI, EGL, etc. Our women's and men's collection consist of premium rings, unique earrings, handcrafted bracelets, dazzling necklaces & pendants, and luxurious Swiss-made watches. In the center of our journey and success are our customers and their need to make them feel valued. At Princess Jewellery, you will find the knowledge and guidance you need to make shopping effortless and straightforward, allowing you to make the best decision to expand your jewelry collection. The inspiration and love that we receive from our customers enhance our creativity and essence. Without you, we could not be as proud to be Princess Jewellery as we are today.

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